Keep That New Years Resolution Afloat

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It’s already the end of January. Where it went? We have no idea but we are in heat of “End of New Years Resolution Season”. According to an article by Business Insider ( 80% of Americans quit their resolution by the second week of February and that 93% of them think it’s ok to give it up after a month. YIKES! Let’s face it, if you’ve stuck with it since January 1st you’ve made some progress. So, let us help you keep it afloat and going strong into February and beyond with these five tips.

5. Set Small Goals- If weight loss is your main goal keep setting small, positive and achievable goals. Why? It’s important to feel a win when you are cutting booze or food out of your daily routine.  An example would be excluding one small thing from your diet that you normally wouldn’t eat. It’s not cheating! It’s a positive step in the right direction and now you won’t eat Swedish Fish or Tater Tots… or whatever you cut out.

4. Continue the Routine- If you are going to the gym three times a week, keep it up! If you’re learning a foreign language for 60min a night, keep it up! If you are not eating Cookout during the week *gasp*, keep it up! The moment you break from the routine you could be undoing weeks of work and progress. Remember, the resolution is to become better you and it takes time. Studies show on average it could take anywhere from 21 to 66 days for your positive routine to become a habit. Don’t be part of the trend! You got this!

3. Add Floatation Therapy to That Routine- Right now you are rolling your eyes. Of course First Float will endorse floating. Just listen to why we think so. Over time, chronic stress can have harmful effects on your body, so remaining calm, cool, and collected is crucial. Floating is a great way to reduce your stress levels. And it is a great way to reset. Take 60min to 90min to yourself to unplug from your phone and your job and center your mind on chilling out or on nothing it all. Heck, you can book here if you want Just saying…

2.  Find Resolution Support- You are NOT the only one trying to better themselves in 2019. Try and find friends, family members, or an online group with similar objectives. This will be a great resource for tips, tricks and motivation to keep it going.  Check your social (and now First Floats social) for resources and articles on the “Art of Improving” and you will find that you are not alone in your quest! We’re here for you.

1. Grow Your Brand- We know that is just a “buzzword sandwich” but, it is important to you and your progress. Are you a business professional? Then build or work on that LinkedIn page. It’s a great way to look top notch in your industry (or attract other companies to you… hint, hint) Are you a small business owner? Then freshen up your company’s/store’s pages. Get posting those Instagram stories or relevant articles on your Facebook page. By the way, your brand doesn’t have to be digital. It can be your new or improved wardrobe style or a new haircut. Cementing your brand is a huge step to owning 2019 and your New Year’s Resolution! We here at First Float have got your back!

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