What isHaloTherapy

Halotherapy stems from the Greek word “Halo” which means salt, so when you hear halotherapy you can think “Salt Therapy.” This type of therapy consists of relaxing in a room that has aerosolized salt sprayed into it. This salt get into lungs and and lightly coats your skin to provide all kinds of benefits. Before we talk about the benefits of halotherapy lets start with the benefits of salt.

Salt has all kinds of wonder full properties, not only does it make food super tasty and last longer, it is good for us to incorporate into our daily lives. The salt used in our Halo room is a 99% pure, pharmaceutical grade, sodium chloride, so what you breathe in is salt and not a bunch of silica (sand) or other additive found in traditional forms of salt. This salt acts as an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and mucolytic (loosens mucus and phlegm).

How to get the most out of yourHalo experience

  • Show Up

    This is a given, but just incase please remember to show up for your appointment.

  • Sit Back and Relax

    When you are in the halo room there is not going to much be going on. It is your job to just sit back in our crazy comfortable chairs and relax.

  • Breathe and enjoy

    Take this time to focus on your breathing. By being intentional about your breath, you will not only receive the full respiratory benefit of halo therapy, but you will also slip into a deep sense of relaxation.

What Is The Pricing

Halotherapy Member Pricing Retail Pricing
Single Session $20 $30
5 Pack $90 $140
10 Pack $150 $250

** There are 3 seats availableĀ in the halotherapy room. You may be with someone during your session. If you would like to have a private session it is a $20 up-charge.

What are theBenefits of Halotherapy

When it comes to actually experiencing the benefits of halo what can you expect? Well here is just a small list of the benefits of halotherapy.

allergy relief breathe easier improved skin decreased inflammation reduced stress

Conditions thatHalotherapy Helps

When you really need to use Halotherapy.

Cold and Flu Chronic Bronchitis COPD ear infection acne
psoriasis Image eczema Image headaches