Day Pay | The ultimate recovery day

Try it all with the new Day Pass.

You get all of this:
Hydro Massage
Compression Therapy
Salt Therapy
Infrared Therapy
Float Therapy

First time guest save $85 on their first visit!

The Path to recovery

What am I going to be doing?
Think of the day pass as the ultimate recovery day in 2 ½ hours. We take you through a process that will help you destroy inflammation, knock out pain, and hit rest on the mind.

You will start with cryotherapy. This hyper cooling experience melts inflammation and pain all while burning a whopping 400-800 calories trying to stay warm for a 2 ½ to 3 minutes.

Now that you feel like you just conquered Mt Everest, you’ll take a plunge into pure warmth and feel your muscles relax for the next 20 minutes in the hydro massage. 

Onto a 30-minute compression session that will squeeze all that tension and soreness out of the body and increase blood flow shortening your recovery time.

The blood is moving, you’ve been squeezed, heated, and frozen. Now it time to get reheated in the infrared sauna. For the next 30 minutes, the infrared will have you sweating all that crap keeps you from your best. You will also be cleaning out those lungs and opening the repositories with salt therapy as well.

You get to finish your journey with the most excellent 30-minute rest of your life in the floatation tank. Spend just a moment in complete silence, allowing your body and mind time to process the day and take full advantage of the much-needed refresh you are giving yourself.